Magnetic Rope Testing (MTR)

How does it work?

The method consists in moving the rope in a static, magnetic field. It may be achieved either by the rope or the MTR probe movement. The magnetic flux, built up by permanent magnets of the MTR probe, flows through the wire rope. Some part of that flux flows through the air around the rope. It is the so called leakage flux. The set of inductive and Hall sensors detects the leakage flux changes, which enables to localize and characterize flaws within cross section of the tested rope. What can be detected?

  1. Soft and continuous reduction of the rope’s cross sectional area
  2. External and internal defects like:
    • wire breaks,
    • uneven abrasion,
    • notches,
    • corrosion etc.

It is also possible to calculate the value of a defect and to locate it within the rope.

What can be achieved?

In this moment, MTR is the most accurate and precise method of the wire rope condition evaluation. It permits to predict the wear of the rope. Having such an information allows to extend the working hours limit for particular rope.

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