Phased Array (UT-PA)

How does it work?

Phased array is the new method of ultrasonic testing. Specially designed probe and complex hardware allows to steer electronically the ultrasonic beam, either by changing its angle and/or focusing distance. The beam is swept like a search-light through the examined object, giving the best detection ability. All the data from the test is recorded, which provides the customer with a real time hard copy documentation.

What can be detected?

All kinds of internal flaws

What can be achieved?

Phased array is one of the the quickest and most accurate method of detecting, localizing and evaluating the internal flaws in materials. The inspection results are immediately available, as is a permanent record. Having all the advantages and lack of disadvantages of Radiographic Testing, UT PA is superseding the X-ray from technical uses of non destructive testing, with Classification Societies admittance.

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