Z dużym opóźnieniem spowodowanym pracą zawodową i związanym z tym wyjazdem do Egiptu w czasie tamtejszych zamieszek, chciałam podziękować za bardzo dobrą współpracę z Zespołem pomiarowym pana Cezarego Sulimy. Współpraca godna pochwały pod każdym względem - przygotowania, ilości zespołów pomiarowych, stopnia wyszkolenia osób, użytego sprzętu, jak również sposobu raportowania, który w znacznym stopniu ułatwił moją pracę.

Współpraca na bardzo wysokim poziomie - w pełni profesjonalnie.

Z pozdrowieniami,
Dagmara Rogowska
Inspektor terenowy/inspektor nurek
Polskiego Rejestru Statków S.A.


Good afternoon Mr. Szypulski,
what to say, we are fully satisfied with your service, that`s why we are already a long time customer by your good company.

Best regards

Armin Christan
RIGEL Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG


Dear Stefan Szypulski,
Ref below pls find our reply to your questions
- co-operation quality - Good cooperation

- speed of carrying out the service on board - Good speed

- competence, rules knowledge of our employees - Good knowledge

- speed of report preparation - Satisfactory

- quality of the report - Satisfactory

Best regards,

Chandra Prakash
Wallem ship management Ltd as agent only


Dear Stefan,
In reply to your mail I would like to thank your team for good cooperation. Quality and cooperation during survey of the vessel “Genco Surprise was GOOD. TM Report was prepared within agreed time ( one week ) and it reflected all required measurements and assessment.
One remark was noted by Mirek Madry during authorisation of the report:
- Thickness Measurements report with sketches was sent by e-mail and it was necessary to print it out and fit to one binder. As per policy of LR the TM Report with sketches should be prepared by TM company in hard copy for review.

Feel free to contact us if any questions

Best Regards,

Vladislavs Blums

Surveyor to Lloyd's Register EMEA


Dear Mr.Szypulski,
sorry for the late reply, but I was on a survey last week. - I had the opportunity to work with your company several times and had good impression about your competence, quality of measuring, problem solving and reporting. Looking forward to continue this in the future,

with kind regards

Klaus Kripfgans
Naval Architect
Germanischer Lloyd SE
Surveys and Assessment (FS-CS)


Good afternoon,
Thank you for your reports just received
Pls find my reply on yr questionnaire
- co-operation quality- Excellent
- speed of carrying out the service on board- Very Good
- competence, rules knowledge of our employees- Very Good
- speed of report preparation,- Very Good
- quality of the report,-Very Good

Brgds/Krzysztof Kropiewnicki
Chief Superintendent
KG Fisser & v. Doornum GmbH & Co.


Dear Mr. Stefan,

I would say it was very nice to work with your team specially with Mr. Andrzej Szypulski. He participated in every meetings we had with during this whole survey process. We had good cooperation during the surveys with your team and surveys were completed as were planned or scheduled.

I didn't have much interaction with Mr Andrzej Przychodny, but definitely I can say Mr. Andrzej Szypulski understands the rule requirement and he is quite competent to understand the ships structure very well.

All the preliminary reports onboard were presented in timely manner and we are satisfied with the quality of report.

It was pleasure working with you team and hope we'll get another opportunity to work together again in the future.

Thanks and Regards
for Det Norske Veritas (Canada) Ltd.
Arvind Gupta

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